Website Design | Graphic Design

The Design Process

Our #1 Goal

As a designer, it is our job to help bring your dream to reality. It is our duty to help guide you in a manner that will ensure the success of your project. We will propose ideas and concepts that could be beneficial. We want you to have a BIG return on your design investment. Our goal is to assist you with creating a great first impression to your audience and land the sale! With our website, graphic design, SEO and marketing skills, we'll help you achieve a maximum ROI on your investment.

The Web Design Process

All of our services begin with a initial consultation to determine your needs and desires. This helps us gather information about your company, services, audience, purpose, and site goals. The consultation process is important because we are committed to providing you with solutions that will work for you.

The Paperwork

After we have discussed and addressed all your ideas, questions, and requirements, you'll get specific recommendations for your project. We explain these options with the proposed pricing to deliver them. Upon agreement, you receive a formal proposal that contains project details. A 50% Deposit is needed to start the actual design mock up.

Collecting Your Content

You will need to provide us with the text and any other content for your website. The preferred method for receiving your content is electronically; if we have to type your information out there will be an extra administrative typing fee added.

The Review Stage & Finalization

As we construct your design, you will have an opportunity to review it while it is being built; we will email you a link to view the design. Changes and revision should be made during this time; after all revisions have been made a final approval is required to launching.

Launching Your Website

After the final approval has been given and the completion payment has been received, your website will be published on your domain.

Maintaining Your Website

We will work with you to establish a regular review and maintenance schedule for your website to accommodate any maintenance requests.

Design Rates to Fit Any Budget!

We know you could find lots of other web design services but we want to make our distinction through our personal service and our affordable rates. Owning a website does NOT have to be expensive. Our objective is to provide all of our services at affordable rates. We ask for a 50% advance payment and 50% upon completion for all new website and graphic designs. For your payment convenience we accept cash, check and all major credit cards, you can pay directly from our website or call to pay by phone. We will set up your website from beginning to the end!

Let's Get Started!

We offer full-service website solutions for every need and budget. Whether you're starting from scratch or updating an existing website. Maybe you need 250 pieces or 25,000 pieces designed and printed or maybe you need your project in two days or in two weeks, we are dedicated to fulfilling all your design and printing needs at the best possible prices.

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The Graphic Design Process

Graphic Rates

Our projects can be based by the project or by the hour; each graphic project is different. Flat design rates range from $20 up to $2000. Our hourly rate is $35. We recognize the need for budget control, and we will provide verbal or written reports on time as the project progresses. Projects billed by the hour will include all time spent directly on the project, including: project research and development, client consultations, design work, revisions, proof output, coordinating with sub-contractors, and communications (phone, email, and in person). Billable time may also include travel time to client’s location or other location associated with the job, as required.

Other Graphic Expenses

Expenses are incurred when the project requires use of materials or vendors other than design work performed by DIALO WEB AND GRAPHIC DESIGN. Expenses may include:
• Printing, color proofs, film and other pre-press production items
• Photography sessions
• Stock Photo and/or Clip art purchases specifically related to the project
• Paper purchases (usually included in printing costs)
• Print coordination fees and job pickup/delivery costs
• Web Site Hosting & Domain Name Registration fees  

Graphic Billing & Payment Terms

We ask for a 50% advance payment to get started and the remaining 50% paid before going to print. Payment must be made before any work is started. DIALO WEB AND GRAPHIC DESIGN reserves the right to invoice client at any time if project extends beyond projected completion date, or if the number of billable hours on the project exceeds the estimated project time. 100% of printing costs must be paid prior to submitting the project to print, unless credit has been established.

All balances are due and payable upon receipt and must be paid UPON COMPLETION of project, unless otherwise specified in the contract. A penalty for late payment will be assessed as follows: 3.5% of unpaid balance per month overdue. 

Graphic Cancellation

Should client or designer stop the project at any time during the development period, designer will invoice for work completed up to the point of termination. Cancellation fees may apply as determined by DIALO WEB AND GRAPHIC DESIGN.  

Up to 5 Graphic Proofs

Please review your graphic design proof carefully. Clearly indicate any changes, additions, or deletions on the proof and or on the draft. The proof form and or electronic email has to be sent/approved with any changes. Each graphic design is allowed up to 5 proofs, anything pass proof #5 will be charged $15 per proof.  

Graphic Design Turn-around Times

Turn-around times will vary depending on project type and specification. Typical turn-around time for standard full color printing is 7 to 14 business days from proof approval, including shipping time. Rush delivery is available for an additional charge, please contact us for details.