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Affordable Website & Social Media Maintenance Plans

Our #1 Goal

As a designer, it is our job to help bring your dream to reality. It is our duty to help guide you in a manner that will ensure the success of your project. We will propose ideas and concepts that could be beneficial. We want you to have a BIG return on your design investment. Our goal is to assist you with creating a great first impression to your audience and land the sale! With our website, graphic design, SEO and marketing skills, we'll help you achieve a maximum ROI on your investment.

Website and Social Media Maintenance

From small changes to major renovations, we can help you with the maintaining and updating of your website to maximize your site. Choose the level of website maintenance service that best fits your needs. Maintenance includes changing page text and/or photos. Maintenance does not include layout changes or page additions. At an absolute minimum, you should try to update your website every three months.

Website Maintenance Plans - Billed Monthly or Qtrly

• Simple Maintenance Plan $19.99 / 1 change per month. Billed Quarterly
• Basic Maintenance Plan $39.95 / 2 changes per month. Billed Monthly  
• Plus Maintenance Plan $49.95 / 3 changes per month. Billed Monthly

• A+ Maintenance Plan $59.95 / 4 changes per month. Billed Monthly  
• Premium Maintenance Plan $69.95 / 5 Changes per month.  Billed Monthly
• Platinum Maintenance Plan $125.95 / Unlimited Maintenance. Billed Monthly

Each Website Maintenance Plan Includes:

Content proofreading. Editing and updating of web page coding. Image retouching, optimizing and digital improving of the graphics. Link checking. File structure organization. Site navigation optimization. Providing recommendations on making the site user friendly and optimized for search engines. Conduct periodic testing. Changes on the unlimited plan are for existing pages only and exclude design/layout and new pages. All of our invoices are emailed and or faxed. No website updates will be honored with accounts having past due balances; we do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Platinum Website Maintenance Plan Includes:

All of the above and a detailed analysis of your website. (hosting has to be provided through us in order to receive this ANALYSIS feature). We will monitor the page (s) to keep track of how many people have visited your web site, and show where people go, or do not go. Based on these findings, we make suggestions for any updates we feel may enhance your edge over your competitors. These server statistics reports are offered on a monthly or quarterly basis - whatever works best for you.  

Social Media Maintenance Plans - Billed Monthly

• Simple Maintenance Plan $25 / 4 postings per month. Billed Monthly
• Basic Maintenance Plan $50 / 8 postings per month. Billed Monthly  
• Plus Maintenance Plan $75 / 12 postings per month.  Billed Monthly  

• A+ Maintenance Plan $100 / 16 postings per month. Billed Monthly  
• Premium Maintenance Plan $125 / 20 postings per month. Billed Monthly
• Platinum Maintenance Plan $150 / Unlimited Postings. Billed Monthly

All maintenance plans are prepaid to begin, then invoiced thereafter. Never pay hourly fees.  No long term contracts. No hidden fees EVER!

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