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Our #1 Goal

As a designer, it is our job to help bring your dream to reality. It is our duty to help guide you in a manner that will ensure the success of your project. We will propose ideas and concepts that could be beneficial. We want you to have a BIG return on your design investment. Our goal is to assist you with creating a great first impression to your audience and land the sale! With our website, graphic design, SEO and marketing skills, we'll help you achieve a maximum ROI on your investment.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural/organic" or un-paid (pay per click).

Our SEO/Web Analytics Package Includes:

1. Complete analysis of your web site (single domain) and content .
2. Keywords, Meta tag details (if applicable).
3. Broken link report (if applicable).
4. One competitor analysis (if applicable).
5. Website traffic statistics report
6. Increased SEO ranking

The SEO/Web Analytics Package Rates:

• Google Analytics Set Up - $100

• Ongoing Performance Report - $15 each

The ongoing SEO cost includes: Implementing the recommended SEO tweaks and the search engine registration/submission. Monthly or quarterly reporting is recommended.

Web Analytics

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.

If an Internet searcher has no idea your business exist one of the best and most cost-effective ways to get visitors is to get high ranking in the search engines. Getting ranked high in the search results can make a huge difference with your website traffic. Here's what our SEO service will provide:

1. Set up a Google Analytics account, to start a site analysis.
2. From the findings, implement site optimizations.
3. Submit your site to search engines for new ranking.
4. View Google reporting's to continue the optimization process.
5. Provide you with web site traffic statistics reports.
6. Continue the process (steps 2 - 5).

Let us register your local business with 24+ different online business directory account services! Only $15 per listing. We will email you a link, username and password for your online listing to confirm each and every registration. 

Together, we will determine what's right for you and what you're trying to accomplish with your website.

Contact us today to get started immediately! 

Individual SEO Services:

• 1 Page Search Engine Optimization - $105

• 3 Page Search Engine Optimization - $300 ($15 savings)

• 5 Page Search Engine Optimization - $500 ($25 savings)

• 10 Page Search Engine Optimization - $1000 ($50 savings)

• 10+ Pages Search Engine Optimization - call for a quote

Individual page optimizations could be more or less, it depends on your website content and the extent of it, for a more accurate cost please call for a quote.

• Search Engine Registration/Submission - $10 each submission. (Free with a web design package)

• Link Exchange with DiAlo - $20 per link (free with a web design package).

• Browser Compatibility Check - $35 per site - We'll check to see what your site looks like in various screen resolutions and browsers.

• Keyword Analysis - $70 per site - We'll analyze your keywords and key phrases and make a recommendation to improve your SEO ranking. Targeting keywords and key phrases is very important; they play a very significant role in obtaining website success.

• Website SEO Analysis - $150 per domain - We've compiled a SEO checklist unlike no other that allows us to cover all the key ingredients to SEO success. Just to name a few - keywords, meta tags, description, ALT image tags, page titles, page names, page speed, image optimization, domain names, links, header tags and well-written content. With our SEO Analysis service we will examine your web site and send you a detailed analysis with our recommendations on how to improve your search engine rankings. Very affordable, but yet very thorough!

• W3C Validation Analysis - $35 per domain - We'll analyze your site to see what's going on with the behind the scene coding.

• W3C Validation Services - call for a quote - This service is optimizing your website code. Code validation and error checking. We’ll make sure that all code is up to the W3C standards. Search engines love clean coding and it helps with higher search engine rankings.

• Website Structure Assessment - $100 per domain - With our site structure assessment we'll examine your design to make sure your site is working effectively. We'll check the page load time, site navigation, broken links, descriptive links, font consistency, contrast, proper padding between text and images, consistency throughout the site, spelling and grammar, scan-ability and we'll rate the overall appearance of your design. We've compiled a thorough what to do and what not to do checklist!

• Local Business Directory Listing - $10.00 per listing - Let us list your local business with the 22 online directories which will also help boost your search rankings.   Local searches are now a very vital piece to help your search rankings. Many shoppers are more interested in doing business with businesses in their own town. Local search queries provide a geographic map with your business address and contact information. Let us help your business with more geographical clients.